Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Official 2017 With 12MP Dual Camera, 6GB RAM, 5.5 Inch Display, Price & More!

http://targetyoutube.com/xiaomi-mi-note-3-official-2017-12mp-dual-camera-6gb-5-5 Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Official 2017 With 12MP Dual Camera, 6GB RAM, 5.5 Inch Display, Price & More! https://goo.gl/mKeVJj

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (2017): the screen is bigger, the processor is weaker

Another innovation at the presentation of Xiaomi was Mi Note of the third generation Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (2017). In fact, we have not yet released Mi6 Plus. Xiaomi Mi Note 3 has retained not only the design of the Mi6 but also its main feature – a dual camera with double optical zoom and low cost. But in terms of “stuffing”, the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (2017) is slightly different from the flagship.

Xiaomi did not miss the opportunity to make fun of the dimensions of Apple’s smartphones, showing that Xiaomi Mi Note 3 with the same screen diagonal is smaller than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Attentive users may notice that the picture actually shows iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6S Plus.

Due to the increased dimensions, the manufacturer was able to install a battery with a capacity of 3,500 mAh in the Xiaomi Mi Note 3.

Both in front and behind, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (2017) resembles Mi6. He has the same metal case with glass on both sides. In this case, the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (2017) back cover has a bend on the sides for better ergonomics.

The camera in Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (2017) is the same as in Mi6. The manufacturer announced an improved algorithm for processing photographs when shooting in portrait mode.

An important difference Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (2017) from Mi6 was the front camera with a resolution of 16 MP instead of 8MP. In doing so, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (2017) supports a new technology for improving the face of Adaptable AI Beautify.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (2017) Specifications, Price, Features, Specs, and Characteristics

5.5 Inches Display
IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
8-core Snapdragon 660 Processor
6GB of RAM
64/128 GB of Internal Memory
12MP Main Dual Camera
Dual LED Flash Tone
With Double Optical Zoom
16-Megapixel Front Camera
Battery Capacity 3500 mAh
With Support For Fast Charging
Stereo Dynamics
Fingerprint’s scanner
(Front Mounted)
USB Type-C connector
Multifunctional NFC
Infrared Port For Control of Equipment

Colors: Black and Blue

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Price By version

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 – 6GB-64GB Black – $ 385
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 – 6GB-128GB Black – $ 445
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 – 6GB-128GB Blue – $ 460

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