World of Warcraft Legion Game Official Trailer is available now

The expected expansion of World of Warcraft: Legion arrives today to all players of this mythical game, hoping to improve considerably the content Warlords of Draenor offered to players. The latest expansion failed the expected results in terms of number of subscribers.

Against this background, it would be safe to say that if Legion were to fail this game and the community would be greatly affected, but fortunately for the moment seems not to again repeat the mistakes of the past, and that players will have content to spare, changes in modes against real players or enemies of the game itself, and more.

The below video is the official trailer for the expansion Legion for World of Warcraft that Blizzard Entertainment has recently released, serving this as an introduction to the plot. If there is something that can not be denied to be company, is the level of detail in everything he does, especially in his videos and cinematics.

In addition to the new line of missions that will guide us through an impressive history with the return menacing of the Burning Legion , the maximum character level will increase from level 100 to 110, and the class will be introduced Demon Hunter , but will only be possible have one for each kingdom.
World of Warcraft Legion Game Official Trailer is available nowThe expansion officially priced at $ 50 Dollars in its standard version, which includes the game and an automatic rise in character level 100. Moreover, the digital deluxe edition rises to $ 61.44 Dollars and includes objects for Blizzard games like Diabolic III, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft 2, and a mount and in-game pet.

But, of course, it is possible to find the lowest prices expansion to the officer. Here you will find it for $ 38.80 in its standard version , but if you want the collector ‘s edition physical format that brings the entire contents of the digital deluxe, plus art book, soundtrack, and many more extras, you’ll pay  $ 111.56 Dollars.

World of Warcraft: Legion – Review

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