This Wine Granita SIMPLE be your most recent downfall

One of the new trends in the world of gastronomy are the slush , are becoming more popular! And the good they have is that we can make almost all the ingredients you want, and are very easy .And if you’re a wine lover , then you can not fail to try the combination of both.

Learn to prepare this delicious iced wine !


  • 2 cups sliced ​​strawberries
  • 3 tablespoons syrup or syrup
  • 1 bottle of rose wine
  • Mint, for garnish


Add half the strawberries in a rectangular baking pan. The remaining strawberries with syrup to place them in a bowl and mix well with a fork, until you have a puree.

Pour the dressing over the strawberries, and then add the wine. Cover the pan with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer, where you leave it overnight.
This Wine Granita SIMPLE be your most recent downfallWhen ready, use a fork to scrape the preparation and serve in a glass with a spoon. Decorate with a piece of mind, and enjoy!This recipe is too simple, and I assure you also delicious. Dare to prepare for your next meeting with friends!

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