This Simple Remedy Coconut Milk for your Frizzy Hair

Lack of hydration is one of the main causes of frizzy hair, which expands for moisture and causes the appearance of unsightly frizz.

However, drought is not the only responsible for hair frizz, since the use of irons and hairdryers, the pool chlorine and chemicals can also aggravate the problem.

If you want to end the curly hair will be important to use shampoos and conditioners chords to your type of hair, you apply a moisturizing mask once or twice a week, which bet on the use of natural beauty products and resort to this simple homemade beauty trick .

Ingredients :

  • Half a glass of coconut milk
  • A shower cap

This Simple Remedy Coconut Milk for your Frizzy Hair
Steps to follow :

  1. Heat the coconut milk.
  2. Remove from heat tepid when it is and apply it on the hair from root to tip.
  3. Massage the head with fingertips to stimulate the penetration of coconut milk and cover the hair with shower cap or a plastic bag .
  4. Let it take effect for 60 minutes .
  5. Finally remove it with warm water and wash your hair with your shampoo preferred.
  6. Coconut milk is rich in proteins that fight dryness of hair and vitamin E, a substance that stimulates growth and allowed to grow healthy and strong.
  7. In addition, it is a natural ingredient that also has the power to smooth the hair full and facilitate combing.
  8. Put this into practice home remedy for frizzy hair twice a week.

These are the main benefits of this home beauty trick to combat frizz:

  • It’s natural.
  • Is very cheap.
  • Leaves hair soft, nourished, bright and free of hair frizz.

This Simple Remedy Coconut Milk for your Frizzy Hair

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