This Natural Way To Have A Strong and Healthy Nails…!

Nothing worse than a neglected nails, either hands or feet. And its speaks of a sloppy personality. However, there are people who fight daily against stains or fungi that affect the health of nails.

The causes can be multiple, which highlights climate, professional and socioeconomic conditions. This condition is more common in older people, in diabetic or immune compromised and people who regularly go to swimming pools, changing rooms, gyms.

However, recent studies have claimed that a poor diet can be seen reflected in the health of nails, because lack of vitamins and minerals, no body can have optimal performance, and it shows on the nails when they are yellowed or brittle.

How to Grow Natural Nails

To grow natural and healthy nails is necessary to take a diet rich in protein, ie in chicken, eggs, nuts, shellfish, soy and cereals, also foods rich in vitamin H as bananas, beans, cauliflower, eggs, lentils, peanuts or salmon and foods high in zinc.

Moreover, it is good to consume some supplements that serve to strengthen the fingernails and eliminate brittleness effect, most recommended are those that are based on biotin or cystine, known as vitamin H or vitamin B8.

You can also make homemade preparations where through certain natural ingredients you can bring benefits to nail growth.

This Natural Way To Have A Strong and Healthy Nails...!For example :

  • one that is well known and has been inherited for many generations is the mixture of olive oil, orange juice and garlic.
  • fingers dipped for about 10 minutes and then remove with cold water.
  • Repeat every day if the nails are yellow, but repeated twice a week.
  • Moreover, you can add to nail polish teeth small garlic and apply it to cover the nail before the common enamel.

Remember that another way to have a healthy nails, manicure is to perform at least once a week, use hand creams that are good to nourish cuticles, you can use the benefits of cocoa butter.This Natural Way To Have A Strong and Healthy Nails...!

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