These are the Best Healing Properties and Uses of Cloves..!

Cloves are a very common type of spices that are used extensively for cooking and other purposes. It is also used prominently in cigarettes to add flavor. It is used to make oil, as an antiseptic and even for other medicinal purposes.

Its flavor is due to the presence of a compound called Eugenol (composition varies from 70 to 90%) which has a very strong aroma. In addition to the benefits of seasoning, cloves are also well known for their health benefits and have traditionally been used as a component in the preparation of remedies for many diseases.

Uses and medicinal properties of clove :

Below is a list of the best benefits of cloves.

1. Toothache

Nails provide pain relief teeth and this is one of the main reasons why you will see them listed as an ingredient in 99% of toothpastes.

2. Nausea and vomiting

Cloves and clove oil when taken together can provide relief from nausea .

3. Cough and breath

The cough and bad breath can be cured by consuming clove. These are very common problems that we all face and can be treated very well by the consumption of clove daily. You can do this by including them in your dishes and also as refreshment at any time of the day.
4. Spicing Skills

Its seasoning abilities make it very easy to mix in many dishes, drinks and desserts. Helps provide strong flavor and aroma to food.

5. Sinusitis

Other benefits include overcoming sinusitis . This can be done by taking the powder of ground cloves through the
nose. This action should be done with a straw of adequate size.These are the Best Healing Properties and Uses of Cloves..!
6. Morning sickness

It is a good remedy for morning sickness. Take about ten cloves of cloves, mix them with tamarind and the palm sugar, make it into a homogeneous mixture with water. Drink this solution twice a day as an effective treatment.

7. Flatulence

The nail is mixed with water and used in the preparation of tea to overcome flatulence.

8. Colds

The common cold can be effectively treated drinking a warm mixture made with ten drops of oil of cloves and honey. Drink two or three times a day.

9. Aphrodisiac

Nail is also an aphrodisiac and its fragrance eliminates exhaustion and fatigue.

10. Stress

The nail soothes the senses and relieves stress on the body. Mix the cloves with basil, mint and cardamom in water to make a flavored tea. Take this along with honey to provide relief from stress.

11. Offers Anxiety Relief

It also helps to provide relief of anxiety and helps induce sleep. The insomnia and anxiety are the main causes of unhealthy skin.

Benefits of Clove – Skin :

These are the Best Healing Properties and Uses of Cloves..!The nail oil is strong and should be applied carefully. It should be diluted to as low as 1 percent before application because direct application can burn or affect the skin. The clove oil is used by natural paths and beauticians to treat skin conditions . Let’s take a look at the benefits to nail skin:

1. Eliminate Acne

The clove oil has been found very potent for acne treatment .

  • It should be applied topically to the affected areas.
  • It is often mixed with massage creams for application to the skin.
  • It gives a tingling sensation when applied to the skin.
  • The reason behind feeling is the powerful nature of clove oil.
  • The possibility of acne spreading over non-affected areas can be eliminated by killing the bacteria with the help of the antimicrobial properties of the oil.
  • Skin conditions such as pimples, scars and scaly skin are signs that characterize the skin disease known as acne.
  • Patches and blemishes can form due to acne. Acne commonly occurs during the teen stage due to hormonal imbalance.
  • The essential oil obtained from the flower of the clove plant has great purifying properties.
  • Helps eliminate inflammation caused due to painful pimples. It also helps get rid of bacteria that increase the likelihood of skin breakouts. Due to its anesthetic properties, it acts as a numbing agent.
2. Heals spots and scars
  • It is useful for removing blemishes and scars from the skin.
  • When nail oil is applied directly on the skin under professional supervision, it actually works as a mild chemical peel.
  • It exfoliates stained or dead skin gently and makes the skin look healthier and clearer.
3. Antioxidant Properties

None of the other essential oils are found to have antioxidant properties as high as clove essential oil. We are familiar with the fact that antioxidants are very good at keeping the skin healthy and the body. Essential clove oil is rich in minerals, such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A and C.

4. Treats rashes, cuts and wounds

Nail essential oil is also used to treat rashes, scabies, stings, cuts, wounds, bites, fungal infections, and athlete’s foot.

Benefits of Cloves – Hair :

These are the Best Healing Properties and Uses of Cloves..!
1. Prevents hair loss

Nails oil or oil can be used to prevent hair loss . It can also be used for the purpose of thickening hair.

2. Hair conditioner

The clove mix with olive oil can be used as a conditioner.

  • It helps to increase the fragrance and helps in the conditioning of hair color.
  • To prepare the conditioner, mix 2 tablespoons ground cloves and 1/2 cup olive oil.
  • To Heat the mixture in a saucepan and let it warm for some time.

Remember not to boil the mixture. Remove the mixture from the heat and allow to cool for a minimum of 3 hours. Strain the mixture into a small bottle or jar.

Before going to the shower, warm some of this mixture of olive oil and clove by rubbing it between your hands.Gently rub the mixture into the scalp and apply to cover each part of the scalp. Let the mixture rest for 20 minutes after wrapping it in a shower cap. Now rinse your hair.

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