Star Wars Battlefront 2 Game will have Online Mode with New Details

Every fan of Star Wars self – respecting lives pending the release of new video games franchise. Therefore, all welcomed with open arms which has become one of the best shooter today Battlefront. The good news for them is that EA Games has unveiled new details about Star Wars Battlefront 2. The name is yet to be determined and is that it is a saga that has been active for more than a decade. It was a Star Wars Battlefront 2 in 2005, but did not reaped the success of the current edition.

That’s why EA Games decided to set the counter to zero when it restarted the production of this video game in 2015.So if the last installment Battlefront is called dry, it is very likely that the new volume is 2.


Star WarsRelease Date

According to EA Games, we will see this online game of Star Wars at the end of 2017, specifically for Christmas. Surely the company will try to use the pull of the premiere of The Last Jedi, Episode VIII , whose release date is set for December 15th .

Among the new Battlefront 2 that EA has confirmed is the way campaign of a single player in the history of much more extensive and deeper in the game that is already in the market will develop. The second edition will not focus solely on the online mode, although it will be available equally.


Features officially confirmed:

  • Online Mode
  • Story Mode or Campaign
  • New heroes, probably from The Awakening of the Force
  • Additional maps

In addition, to satisfy fans of the films the number of heroes will increase with the arrival of characters “from different eras“. Almost certainly, the EA release refers to the characters in the new trilogy: King, Kylo Ren, Finn and some of the protagonists of Rogue One. There will be new locations besides those already. Initially, the number of maps will be expanded, although later DLCs will try to box some additional scenarios.Star Wars Battlefront 2 Game will have Online Mode with New DetailsHowever, the inclusion of a story mode adds hours of fun to a video game that is already quite addictive. What EA Games has not revealed is what platforms will be available for. We know that Microsoft is working on Project Scorpio, the new Xbox console due out in late 2017.

Also by then, Sony expects PlayStation 4 Pro has caught traction in sales, but for now it seems that the PS4 Slim still holding the type. PlayStation VR is another candidate platform to have the new game of Star Wars, which will surely also come to PC, a support in which gaming computers have much to say, especially those mounted by pieces, the best choice To save some money.

EA Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One – Official  Trailer

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