Samsung Electronics has Succeed in Disaster Safety Network Technology

Samsung Electronics has Succeed in Disaster Safety Network Technology

Samsung Electronics succeeded in demonstrating continuous video call through disaster safety communication network technology

  • Using the world’s first international standard based MCPTT (Mission Critical PTT) technology utilization, video calls demonstrated success in national disaster network.
  • Ensure uninterrupted communication in the event of major disasters, such as earthquakes currency spikes.
  • The world’s first LTE-R High Speed Rail project in circumference – Gangneung business lines’ effect from authentic.

Samsung Electronics has succeeded in demonstrating video calls utilizing the international standard MCPTT (Mission Critical Push To Talk) technology in the world’s first national disaster PS-LTE network announced Monday.

MCPTT supports the individual, group and emergency calls between handsets with features such as PS-LTE key technology areas defined in 2016 in the international standards organization 3GPP.  Samsung Electronics succeeded multiparty video calls between the central station and take advantage of technology MCPTT national disaster communication terminal using minimal bandwidth yet succeeded in transmitting high-quality video without interruption.

If successful commercialization of this technology demonstration, several hundred more workers are architecture focused commitment can ensure smooth communication in emergency situations where the currency and the data explosion. Disaster, fire, police, hospitals, etc., as well as the shared currency between the relevant agencies accident rapid utilizing high-definition video is expected to be three-dimensional rescue activities using a unified communications system.

Samsung Electronics is the world’s first high speed railway technology, railway integrated wireless network LTE-R business, – from the ‘Gangneung, Wonju business lines’ and the recent orders by the airport railway business plan to full effect.

Samsung Network Division rate of Strategic Marketing said, “Samsung Electronics advanced technology to national disaster safety network in the PS-LTE field, LTE rail network / Marine successfully completed the network business to the domestic business model around the global world PS-LTE industry he said it would try our best to establish itself as a standard. ”

Meanwhile, technology demonstrations this time shall facilitate interoperability with national disaster safety network The project, which uses the same standard as would the development based on international standards, network localization expanding railroad, business participation in various national domestic small terminal manufacturers also it is expected.

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