Philips Launched its New Hue bulbs and Its already have Presence Sensor

The Philips Hue bulbs, known to be controlled from mobile, can now turn on and off by detecting the presence of people.This was announced by the company, include a presence sensor from October in the kit that we can see in , sensor that will sell for $ 40 Dollars, without cables and with a battery incorporated therein.

The idea is that we can put it anywhere in the house, and next to the door, for example. When someone passes in front, the light that’s set immediately light thanks to the detection angle of 100 degrees. It is able to detect motion almost 5 meters away, and the response time is milliseconds.

The scenes can also be programmed, so it is possible to put a sensor next to the bed so that when we wake up is turn on only the light in the bathroom and the hallway, for example, and define the intensity of light from each bulb inside each scene according to the schedule.
Philips Launched its New Hue bulbs and Its already have Presence SensorIgnition timing can also be programmed, thus helping to save energy to avoid having to perform a manual action to turn off the lights.

Now it was possible to connect a motion sensor D-Link to Hue bulb, there ‘s even a recipe if it is to manage the issue, but nothing like a perfectly integrated solution itself.

Philips Hue Bulbs – Review

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