New Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone will Arrive in February or April 2017

Xiaomi is already working on its new terminal, the Xiaomi MI 6, the successor of  My 5 will be released sometime in the first half of 2017. The Chinese company expects to continue its good track after an excellent 2016, when it launched My 5- a top device with an almost ridiculous price or My Mix, a tremendously innovative terminal.

Rumors do not shed light on the release date of this new smartphone, although dates have gained strength February or April next year. In fact, a famous leakster in the popular Chinese social network Weibo has declared that there would be an official announcement date on 14 February 2017, supporting with an invitation to the event in which the announcement of the new would occur Xiaomi MI 6.

Launch delayed due to Snapdragon 835

On the other hand, a pair of leaksters announced on Weibo that the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be unveiled to the public for the first time in April. This delay is apparently due to Samsung can not produce in sufficient quantity Snapdragon 835 more in advance (the South Korean company is producing the next chip-set Qualcomm).

The low production capacity Samsung SD835 also affect your own Galaxy S8, which will use the chip in some markets, although still unknown more details.New Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone will Arrive in February or April 2017Therefore, it may be that Xiaomi had first planned arrival of its terminal Mi 6 in February, but due to production problems SD835 has been delayed until April to ensure sufficient stock. Snapdragon 835 is made with the new technology of 10nm Samsung and allows integration of components in the same space up to 30%.It also increases by 27% the performance of the devices and optimizes load consumption, reducing it by 40%. A powerful heart for the darling of the Chinese company in this 2017.

Other technical features

Supposedly the new mobile Chinese company will be ultra-thin, it will feature four antennas (such as the flagship of Samsung in 2016) with a configuration rear dual camera 20 Mpx and fast charging with a battery of 4000 mAh.It also shuffles the screen could be 5.2 inches and in some of the three versions to be released have an even larger.There is also speculation that we could see side bends, style Dual Edge My Note 2.New Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone will Arrive in February or April 2017Of course, not being any of this official information or come directly from Xiaomi will have to wait for more details about this highly anticipated terminal of the Chinese company.

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