New Sonic Blocks is a First Modular Wireless Music System with High Capacity Range

One of the trends that we are seeing this year in the mobile phone is the modular devices , with phones like the Moto Z or LG G5, which enable us to meet particular needs with different modules. Now this modular technology has come to sound and makes it through the campaign launched by the company Indiegogo.

The campaign’s main objective finance Sonic Blocks, a wireless music system, modular high hearing range. Basically it is a kind of cubic figure to which we can add speakers of different types in different positions depending on the quality or quantity of sound we need. It also allows to collect several cubes Sonic Blocks and form a tower speakers with high capacity range.

Sonic Blocks

The starter pack will be available at $ 199 Dollars , and includes among its accessories, a base, a skeleton, a complete controller, a controller of the vowels, another low, two covers, an auxiliary cable four grills, a universal charger, a rechargeable battery and an application that will be available in IOS and Android.New Sonic Blocks is a First Modular Wireless Music System with High Capacity RangeThe great thing about this device is the control we can have over him, on the one hand, we simply can place a module on each side to get a sound that fills the room, or can put them all facing the same side to send the sound only one direction. The campaign shows that modules are also sold separately with different characteristics that come to meet the expectations of users.

Indiegogo ensures that the battery possessing horns is able to offer up to fifteen hours of battery life. Allows streaming music streaming via WiFi and Bluetooth and speakers are integrated with Play-Fi offering a sound of 90 dB amplifiers. Its price once hit the market in USA, which is expected to be in 2017, will be $ 450 US Dollars (399 euros).

Sonic Blocks Wireless Music System – First Look Review


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