New Puzzle Game Chipmunks’ Trouble is available for free on the App Store

Currently there are a lot of applications for entertainment on the App Store, however, recently it unveiled the existence of a new and fun Puzzle game called Chipmunks’ Trouble. This ingenious tool comprises an incredible adventure of pleasure for those they are willing to find the way and take home these little furry squirrels.

Chipmunks Puzzle Game ‘Trouble

As is to be expected in any puzzle game, Chipmunks’ Trouble tests your mental dexterity of a pretty fun way, so that your mission in these games, is to solve the problem that the squirrels to get home.Your mission specifically focuses on travel the right to guide the squirrel home considering the color belongs path. However, along the way you can find a number of dangers that lurk against catching your small animals and therefore must select the correct route to take to a good end this task.

How to play Chipmunks’ Trouble?

The teaching of the game is quite simple, since you just have to slide your finger across the screen to guide the squirrel to its corresponding home, ie, the squirrel that this dressed in blue should reach the blue house , the one with green clothes you will come to the green house and so on with the rest of the colors.Notaras more difficult as you progress in the game, to the point that must move out of the way indicated, since the game has no limiting movement.

However, it is valid to mention when those at advanced levels, you can not Descartes a second , and you should be very careful with the mower and time that is located on the top of the screen.

Chipmunks Puzzle Game ‘Trouble is quite fun that includes colorful graphics and a bubbly music that suits many animation video game has 100 levels and each has new surprises and obstacles that will test your mental dexterity.

Chipmunks’ Trouble, is available for free on the App Store.

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