New Leeco Le Max 2 shows in a Fabulous Pink Color Smartphone

When one China a phone imagines the typical device with decent specs and affordable price imagine. The typical phone you buy for basic tasks such as WhatsApp, read emails or use social networks. But there are also Chinese phones that pass through the stone many terminals conventional ranges and also a better price. This is the case both Leeco Le Max 2 and their brethren, the Leeco Le 2 Pro and Leeco 2 X620 .

Leeco Le Max 2 Features and Specifications

The outer section of this beast will ring us because it is very similar to popular phones on the market, as some of Huawei or OnePlus 3. own Although not the most original, the device is really nice and premium.But where most noteworthy is inside the terminal. Processor Snapdragon 820 accompanied by the Adreno 530 , 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and 3100 mAh battery.

It also has fingerprint reader, Bluetooth 4.2, 4G / LTE and although you seem strange … do not have 3.5mm audio jack! Instead, the headphones are connected to the USB Type C port, something that seems to be fashionable in all manufacturers very soon.
New Leeco Le Max 2 shows in a Fabulous Pink Color SmartphoneRegarding your screen, whatever with a panel IPS 5.7 – inch 2K resolution . It also has a 21 – megapixel rear camera and 8 – megapixel front, so as to multimedia section, we can say that this Leeco Le Max 2 is not exactly going bad.
Of course and as it should be as a general rule in all current device, the phone goes to market with the latest operating system from Google, Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Where to buy Leeco Le Max 2?

GearBest offers this incredible top model at a price of 365.89 dollars and in a beautiful pink gold, no doubt the fashion color this year 2016. This is a very content price for a phone that despite not be the most powerful on the market, if you have a specification to be at the level of the best.

But it does not end here, as if on the contrary are thinking make you with one of the younger brothers of Leeco Le Max2, either Leeco Le 2 Pro or Leeco 2, if you introduce the code L2PES when making purchase first and L2X620ES for the second, they will stay at a price of $ 222.99 and $ 199.99 respectively.

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