Never Eat these 4 Foods before Bedtime…!!

A variety of factors can influence the quality of your sleep. Therefore, the environment, external noise, brightness temperature play an important role in sleep-wake system. Try to control these factors in order to provide a better quality of sleep.

However, there is another important factor that generally people tend to go through alto.Lo you eat or drink before bed can affect your sleep. Therefore, foods loaded in protein, sodium and fat can make you toss and turn, while others may make you wrap tightly.

If you want to promote a better quality of sleep, check out the following list of foods to avoid or to be consumed before bedtime.

Avoiding these foods before bedtime :

1. Black Chocolate

Never Eat these 4 Foods before Bedtime...!!Chocolate has caffeine, a substance that is not the right before going to bed. Is the bromine and caffeine in chocolate black that stimulate the nervous system and increases heart rate.

2. Chicken

Never Eat these 4 Foods before Bedtime...!!Chicken meat rich in protein is good for your body, but not before going to bed. The amount of protein can slow digestion process by 50%. Therefore, avoid eating chicken before going to bed because your body will find it difficult to digest so it will be difficult to sleep.

3. A Bacon Cheeseburger

Never Eat these 4 Foods before Bedtime...!!This is not the best choice for a meal, especially a healthy one, but it can also disrupt the balance of sleep. Bacon contains a lot of fat that stimulates the production of stomach acid. This acid can cause heartburn can wake up in the middle of the night. Try to avoid completely the bacon cheeseburger, especially before going to bed.

4. Spicy Food

If you’re a fan of spicy foods, they eat throughout the day, but not for the delicious night. Although, can cause heartburn. Therefore, control of jalapeno(pepper).

Eating these foods before bedtime :

1. Milk


Never Eat these 4 Foods before Bedtime...!!Milk contains an amino acid, tryptophan, which promotes a better night’s rest. Therefore, listening to his grandmother and drink a glass of milk before going to bed. You can combine milk with some cookies for a delicious snack. Try using free milk totally organic hormones.

2. Bananas

Never Eat these 4 Foods before Bedtime...!!Bananas are rich in calcium and magnesium, minerals that relax and repair muscles. At least a banana before bed ensures a good night’s sleep and you will feel more refreshed and relaxed.

3. Cherries

Never Eat these 4 Foods before Bedtime...!!Cherries are very good choice for any part of the day but are especially useful before bedtime. Melanin in cherries control the quality of your sleep so… if you eat some cherries before bedtime get a more relaxing and good quality sleep.

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