LG V30 Rumored To Be Revealed At IFA (September 2017) In Berlin

LG V30 Rumored To Be Revealed At IFA 2017 In Berlin https://goo.gl/g8jCuU

The announcement of LG V30 on Snapdragon 835 release will take place on IFA 2017 in Berlin

By the opening of the Berlin exhibition IFA 2017, namely, on August 31, LG is preparing a loud announcement of the smartphone LG V30. It is known that the gadget will receive 6 “OLED-screen (QHD + resolution, Snapdragon 835 chipset (Snapdragon 821 in the top version), new design (dual module and Android 8.0, which will be presented this month.

According to the well-known edition of Android Authority, this time, the newest representative of the V-line (LG V30), will be presented in Europe. Specific terms of the European release, so far, are not called.

It is reported that in South Korea, the LG V30 will be on sale (price around US$700) from September 15, and from September 17, pre-order in the United States starts with the beginning of deliveries from September 28. It is likely that such rapid plans of LG are caused by fast announcements of the main rivals preparing the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone 7S Plus (the iPhone 8 is supposed to be delayed ). What LG has prepared V30 for us, we will see at the end of the month.

For more LG V30 smartphone updates please stay tune with us.

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