Kristen Bell SAVES Frozen Co-Star’s Family From Hurricane Irma & Entertains Evacuees

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When Kristen Bell was stranded in Florida as Hurricane Irma was approaching, she didn’t complain, or panic. Taking to Instagram to update her followers, the Frozen actress shared QUOTE “we didn’t have the option to leave so here we are. Just doing our best and trying to stay positive but cautious, and trying to help those who need help prepping.”
Helping others prep would have been amazing by itself, seeing as the past few weeks of storms have resulted in absolutely tragic losses for so many people. But Kristen took it to another level.
She began a mission to bring some joy and love to the many local residents, first with a performance of ‘For The First Time in Forever,’ for students at Meadow Woods Middle School.
But when Kristen returned to her hotel, she was joined by more than a few evacuees.
Kristen posted this perfectly adorable pic sipping on some Frozen branded juice, writing QUOTE “There are a few thousand senior residents who evacuated to our hotel. We are gonna make lemonade outta Irma as best we can and I’m fueling up the only way I know how in order to call a few hours of BINGO! #irma #hurricaneirma (
While getting to know her new rommates, Kristen met a man named John, and I don’t know, her husband, Dax Shepard, might wanna watch his back.
Alongside the vid posted to to her Twitter, Kristen addressed her husband telling him QUOTE “this is John. My side piece in Orlando. I hope u understand. Im powerless over a man who serenades me.”
But Dax got in on the fun too, replaying to Kristen’s tweet writing QUOTE “”I fully approve of this side action. Git it gurl.”
The fun continued as Kristen had a full on slumber party with all her new friends, sharing pictures of their dinner together and even vids of wheelchair races. It’s safe to say that Kristen Bell definitely knows how to throw a killer sleepover.

But it still was not the end of her mission to help those in need, and what she did next was truly amazing. Kristen got hotel rooms for friend and Frozen co-star Josh Gad’s parents ad family members who were also stranded in Florida. And of course she made sure to get accommodation at her hotel…s o they could join the slumber party too. Josh shared a pic of Kristen and his folks writing QUOTE
“So @kristenanniebell literally saved my parents and my entire family tonight from #hurricaneirma . When they were stranded in Florida, she got them a hotel room at her hotel in Orlando and saved them, my brothers, my sister-in-law and niece and nephew. They don’t make them like this girl. Thank you Kristin. You are truly an angel sent from above.”

And that is how you do it. Now it’s time for you to weigh in on Kristen Bell’s do-good mission during Hurrican Irma in Florida, so leave a comment down below and then click here to see Beyonce’s bringing joy to Harvey, Texas. Thanks so much for checking in with me here on Clevver News, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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