Indian Health Minister Gets Serious about H1N1

India’s health minister is accusing some states of not doing enough to check the spread of swine flu in the country.

Addressing state health ministers at a conference in New Delhi, the minister said that the federal government can only do so much, and that the states must share the responsibility.

[Ghulam Nabi Azad, Indian Health Minister]:
“Up to a maximum limit we could stretch ourselves, beyond I must say the state should shoulder responsibility effectively, which some states have not been able to do, some states I am very happy.

Azad says India needs to be more prepared to face the challenge of the H1N1 virus, keeping in mind its billion plus population.

According to the health minister the total number of deaths due to the virus by Thursday was 36, with 2401 people testing positive.

Azad also said that the country will order more vaccine as a precaution. Due to the expense, doctors and medical personal would be given priority if there isn’t enough money to vaccinate people across the country.

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