HEALTH is Wealth. This is My Struggle!

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I’ve been holding off on this video for a while. We all have a unique path in life, more often than not it’s filled with challenges both complex and simple in nature. Health is one of those things that we don’t expect to be a major challenge. We expect to be young, to grow till we’re old, and enjoy the short time between. But for some, it’s not always that easy, me included. Health is EVERYTHING, and in the past two years I have gone through more health scares and questions than I’d ever wish on anyone. Throughout the course of 8 months, I sought out the cause of a wide variety of symptoms affecting everything I did in life: walking, grip, nerve pains, numbness, odd skin sensations, the list goes forever. But through much help from my mother, we were able to get a diagnosis of CIDP from Johns Hopkins. Look that up. When you feel too lazy to fish, I hope you get off your ass for everyone who can’t. That was my situation many times last year before finding the treatments I needed. I was stuck. I was angry. I was sad. Now I take EVERY moment and SEIZE IT….I mean…FISH IT. Be well, and do you to the fullest everyone. Don’t feel sympathy, be motivated. Thank you for watching as always. Love you all.

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