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Chrome for iOS hands-on

PhoneArena presents a hands-on video of the Chrome web browser for iOS.

Sony Xperia ion hands-on 0

Sony Xperia ion hands-on

PhoneArena presents a hands-on video of the Sony Xperia ion. With the debut of the Sony Xperia ion, it marks the first time we’re seeing a smartphone being …


HTC Incredible S Review

PhoneArena reviews the HTC Incredible S. The HTC Incredible S is looking to be yet another respectable high-end device from HTC’s camp, but will it shine radiantly amongst the new breed of next-generation Android...


Samsung Flexible OLED display Hands-on

If there is one commonality that all high-end smartphones embody, it has to be none other than the fact that they’re all simple pieces of slabs at their core — and nothing more than...


Samsung Vibrant Review

PhoneArena reviews the Samsung Vibrant by T-Mobile USA. T-Mobile surely has an ace up its sleeve in the form of the Samsung Vibrant T959 — their version of the Galaxy S. Already finding itself...