Best Home Remedies for Cellulite…!!

The home remedies for cellulite become the perfect complement to a balanced diet and regular physical exercise.

And, if you lead a healthy lifestyle and a diet free of fried foods, saturated fats and soft drinks and combine all with the use of home remedies for cellulite you can forget about the orange peel and have a perfect body.

But what ingredients they are most appropriate to eliminate the fat that accumulates on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen? In homemade beauty tips answer this question. Take note!

Remedy – Onion

The onion is a vegetable that combines well with many dishes and also allows eliminate cellulite because of its power to combat fluid retention and dissolve localized fat.


  • A onion median
  • A liter of mineral water
  • Half a teaspoon of honey (optional)

Steps to follow

  1. Heat the water to a boil .
  2. Meanwhile peel the onion and divide it into several pieces with a knife.
  3. When the water to boil  add onion, lower heat slightly and let it cook for 5 or 10 minutes.
  4. After this time you must wait for this onion broth remain at rest for at least an hour so water has time to absorb the multiple properties of onion.
  5. Finally filter the liquid through a sieve and drink a glass fasting every day.
  6. Remember that you can save the rest of the onion water in the fridge if you want to be keep several days in good condition.
  7. If you want you can sweeten the intense flavor of this drink by adding a little honey.


Remedy apple cider vinegar and olive oil

Best Home Remedies for Cellulite...!!Apple cider vinegar is also useful for those who dare to prepare home remedies for cellulite because it is a great product to activate blood circulation and stop the fat deposits . Olive oil, meanwhile, will keep you hydrated, nourished, smooth, elastic and smooth.


  • A glass of apple cider vinegar
  • Half a glass of olive oil or coconut

Steps to follow

  1. Pour the apple cider vinegar and olive oil or coconut within the same vessel and the resulting product used to massage the legs, abdomen and buttocks .
  2. Remember to take this action using a circular upward massage to activate blood circulation and finish with cellulite and orange peel in the shortest time possible.
  3. You can implement this home remedy every day if you wish.

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