Benefits of Coconut Water That Help Your Body Detox

Detoxification is one of the many benefits of coconut water. To occasionally detox your body is healthy over the long run because it helps rid your body of cell damaging substances that that can lead to cancer.

Showcasing how it can benefit your health by fighting toxins in your body is the focus of this article. Processed foods and beverages in the typical modern diet, are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, and additives that lead to cell damage.

Pure water from a coconut is 100% natural and doesn’t have any added chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

Unfortunately, a benefit of coconut water that goes unrecognized, is how it helps detoxify your body. After water, it’s the most natural substance we can drink. It helps flush our body of toxins and keeps us hydrated.

Staying hydrated, keeps your body operating at maximum efficiency. Dehydration can let your body’s guard down and weaken your immune system. The water from coconuts prevents this because it’s a great supply of electrolytes. An 8.5 oz portion has 15 times more potassium than competing sports drinks. It’s also 1 of 5 main electrolytes your body uses to replace, and retain the fluids needed to operate at full capacity.

Another benefit that helps detoxify your system is increased circulation. Better circulation allows for better oxygen to flow, to support the body’s cells and organs. There’s two ways that increased circulation helps keep your blood clean.

First, our liver is the organ that helps clean our blood. With better oxygen flow to the liver, you’ll have a stronger, healthier liver. Second, because it’ll be able to function better, and operate more efficiently, it’ll clean your blood better. Because your organs will be operating more effectively, some of the toxins they contain will also be excreted out, detoxing your body.

Clear skin and a stronger immune system are also rewards of a less polluted (it sounds gross, but it’s true) body. In addition to helping your body fight disease and sickness with a stronger immune system, doctors say it has antiviral properties that fight cancer.

So, the next time you hear somebody talking about coconut water in the media, listen to see if they talk about the most underrated benefit of coconut water, detoxification. Remember to keep it mind that it has several other health benefits.
Source by Michael Sbicca

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