8 Natural Beauty Tips for Your Eyelashes Healthy..!

In order to maintain their healthy and thick eyelashes, there are several tricks that will help achieve this goal.

1.Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is packed with numerous beauty benefits due to nutrients and minerals it contains. In order to make your eyelashes thick, long and healthy, you should apply Aloe Vera gel tabs on a regular basis.

2.Massage with coconut oil and castor

Castor oil and coconut oil can promote faster growth and strengthen lashes. You should massage either of these oils in the tabs with your fingers. To do this, treatment daily before going to bed and in a week you will notice the results.

3.Use Egg and mask olive oil

Olive oil is ideal for strengthening and making their soft tabs, while the egg whites are rich in nutrients. You should prepare a mixture of egg whites and some olive oil. Then, you must apply this solution to your lashes and let it dry overnight. Do not hesitate to repeat this treatment on a daily basis.

4.Green Tea

Green tea is an amazing place for the regulation of hair growth remedy, and therefore promoting more and thicker eyelashes. All you need to do is prepare green tea and allowed to cool. Then, you should apply it on the eyelashes and let the night. Regularly apply this solution and enjoy the beautiful and thick lashes.

5.Remove eye makeup

One of the most important tips for your lashes is to avoid overuse of mascara and waterproof mascara. Overuse or use waterproof mascara can dry the lashes and make the process of elimination it very difficult. Moreover, you must remove the mascara gently and let them breathe.

6.suitable -Diet

Consuming healthy diet can promote the growth of eyelashes. You should increase the intake of protein and vitamin to have healthy and thick eyelashes. Therefore, eating more fish, beans, eggs and yogurt.

7.Avoid False eyelashes

Many girls use false eyelashes on a regular basis to see even more beautiful and highlight the eyes. However, the use of false eyelashes only damage your eyelashes and some of its real eyelashes is lost when removing false.


This is another surprising method that can promote the growth of eyelashes that are healthy, natural oils and distributed along the length of the tabs. Therefore, brushing her eyelashes at least twice a day.

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