5 Best Games for iOS August 2016

Then came the ninth month of the year, but August left us several games for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). From adventure games, to puzzles games where you have to make decisions to save a kingdom. Everything for everyone. Also we invite you to take a look at the best games for iOS July.

1. ‘Line Defense’

The first of the games for iOS has to do with a current, or more or less subject. In these days of space exploration it is possible that we get an alien threat. Therefore, through ‘Line Defense‘ you can defend the main cities of the earth against missile attacks coming from outer space. It is a very simple casual game, because all you have to do is draw lines that will defend the land.

Sometimes the missiles go faster, slower at other times. How many points you do manage?

Free download ‘Line Defense‘ for iOS through the App Store.

2. ‘Skilly Shooterstars’

Skilly Shooterstars‘ is another game for iOS that requires speed and agility. Under the premise that by kicking a soccer ball you can beat an alien cosmic god, called Cthoo, who wants to destroy the earth. The game requires coordination between the left and right hands to send the ball towards the right target. How many points have you been?

Download ‘Skilly Shooterstars‘ free for iOS through the App Store.

3. ‘Deus Ex GO’

This game GO line Square Enix came to iOS. That itself is not free because it costs $ 4.99. Like other titles like ‘Hitman GO‘ or ‘Lara Croft GO‘ , you will have a board where you must move the main character from movement to movement. In these enemies and you will find several challenges to overcome.

Download ‘Deus Ex GO‘ for iOS through the App Store.

4. ‘Legend of the Skyfish’

This is a game of action, adventure and puzzles where you will be Little Red Hook. She, aided by Moonwhale and with only a fishing rod, go in search of the monster Skyfish. The game consists of 45 levels where you must defeat several bosses and to beat Skyfish. The game has some striking graphics, good sound and history band. ‘Legend of the Skyfish‘ it costs $ 3.99.

Download ‘Legend of the Skyfish‘ for iOS through the App Store.

5. ‘Reigns’

The last of our games for IOS August is ‘Reigns‘. This game seems that borrowed the way in which people are elected Tinder . Through cards with decisions that you should take trifectas the fate of your kingdom. These decisions are based on the church, people, messengers or your army.

Every time you make a decision you will see good or bad consequences. The idea is to survive as long as possible, making decisions. Some may look good at first, but then will turn into bad decisions. ‘Reigns‘ costs $ 2.99.

Download ‘Reigns iOS through the App Store.

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