4 Best Applications Helps to Get Fit Using Your Android Devices

4 Best Applications Helps to Get Fit Using Your Android Devices

The summer is approaching and with it we have no choice but to take off the excess clothes. Although the right thing is to practice some sport all year round (not only to look good body, also for health), are many who enter the rush of last minute. It is true that now the weather encourages outdoor sports, so you have no excuse. You may still be able to lose some weight for the summer.

There are many applications to get in shape in apps stores . Both on Google Play and the Apple Store. In between, it may be difficult for you to choose the best ones. Do not worry, today we are going to recommend some indispensable ones and we will explain to you in what they consist. You will only have to download them and start your training routine to see on the beach or pool. What are you waiting for?

1. RunKeeper

One of the applications to get in shape with the help of the mobile that we recommend is RunKeeper. With this app you will have a personal trainer on your device that will try to get your goal, always, of course, putting much of your part. RunKeeper will allow you to have exact control of how much you are running or walking. It will also allow you to know the distance you take with your bike. Of course, you will need to connect to your device’s GPS to give you this data.
 4 Best Applications Helps to Get Fit Using Your Android DevicesOnce you have practiced the sport that you like, you will have the exact statistics of all the progress. Not only later, but also during, as RunKeepr will give you orders by voice of what your progress is. For many users, one of its great advantages is that it gives the possibility of taking photos during the training to share them later on social networks and that your friends see that you are preparing for the summer.

This application also has a function called “Group of Brokers” that will keep us motivated all the while. With this feature we can choose a challenge, invite our friends and follow the process of each one. Get it now for free for Android or iOS.

RunKeeper – Download : Google Play

2. Seven Minute Training

It is true that on many occasions it is not that there is no desire to do sport, what is not there is time. To all those who fight against time trial, and not exactly in a race of cycling, we recommend the app to him of Training of 7 minutes. With it we can schedule training routines at any time of the day. We will not need to have a lot of time, since they include different training programs that never exceed 7 minutes. 4 Best Applications Helps to Get Fit Using Your Android DevicesWe can work each muscle group by setting that maximum amount of time. In addition, we will have the possibility to choose which days of the calendar we want to train. In order not to forget, the application will send us a notification. As you see, you will never have an excuse to move a little and do some sport. You can download it for Android or iOS completely free.

7 Minute Training – Download : Google Play

3. Flat Stomach

Another application to get in shape that we recommend for your phone is Belly flat. As its name implies, this app is indicated exclusively for the abdominal area. Basically, what you are trying is that you end up having a heart attack. It will help you a lot but, of course, you have to put the will. It has a very simple and intuitive interface. Each exercise routine is explained in detail. We will know how long each exercise should last and the rest interval we have to do. 4 Best Applications Helps to Get Fit Using Your Android DevicesThe most interesting thing about this app is that it has explanatory videos so that we do not lose any detail and do everything without problems. Also, flat belly has a complete diet plan. Of course, if we want a more comprehensive diet we will have to pay for the pro version. Beyond this, we have in front of us a very complete application that will be able to put our belly like a chocolate tablet. Enjoy it for Android.

Flat Stomach – Download : Google Play

4. 30 Day Sport Challenge

This app was selected by Google Play as the best of 2016, the most trend and the best self-improvement. It is one of the applications to get in better shape if what you have is hurry. And is that, with that name and you can guess where the shots go. In particular, a 30-day sports challenge is focused on all those people who want to stay in shape with a continuous and adapted plan, but do not have enough time to go to a gym.

Once inside the application, we will see several sections with the possibility of starting a training plan or challenge that will last a month. The best thing is that it is designed for all audiences, so those people who are in low form are included. It offers three levels of intensity: beginner, intermediate and advanced. 4 Best Applications Helps to Get Fit Using Your Android DevicesThroughout the challenge we will witness our progress through the calendar included in the application. We will know the details of the daily work, whether they are repetitions or breaks, with the possibility of being able to see the explanation of each exercise in video. In this way, we can know the correct technique.

30-day Sport Challenge also offers the possibility of keeping track of the weight. We will have a history of our data, as well as the option to synchronize all the information with the Google account to keep them safe in case of changing phones. In turn, it will be possible to synchronize the data with Google Fit or Apple Health in the case of iOS. It is free. For both Android and iOS.

30 Day Fit Challenge – Download : Google Play

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