20 Things Successful People do Before 8:00 am

Get success by following 20 things successful people do before 8 am in Morning.
Also, watch 20 Habits of Rich People That can change your life – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIZJ3Zal91w

Below things are covered in this video.

1. Meditate 10 Minutes.
2. Think At Someone You Love–Intently.
3. Consume 30 Grams of Protein.
4. Prayer & Meditation to Facilitate Clarity & Abundance
5. Listen to/Read Uplifting Content/Videos/Motivational Speeches.
6. Review Your Life Vision.
7. Take a Cold Shower.
8. They exercise before it falls off the to-do list.
9. Spend quality time with family.
10. Do at Least One Thing Toward Long-Term Goals
11. Write down things you’re grateful for.
12. Plan & strategize while you’re fresh.
13. Check your emails.
14. Rethinking Your Life & Getting Out of Survival Mode.
15. Write A Short Note In Your Journal.
16. Get Rid Of A Useless Object.
17. Learn A New Word.
18. Visualize 3 Moments From The Day To Come.
19. Have A Glass Of Natural Juice.
20. Cuddle Your Pet Or Partner.

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