10 Useful Tips will Help You to Stop Gnawing Your Nails

10 Useful Tips will Help You to Stop Gnawing Your Nails

Gnawing nails is not a good habit, as it is not hygienic and still leaves your fingers with lousy appearance. In addition, what few know is that this habit also ends up hurting the teeth, nails and even the gum. To help, here are some tips to help you know how to stop nail biting. Check it out!

Tips On How To Turn Your Nails Healthy:

Do you want to have healthy and beautiful nails? Then, write down the tips to not gnaw your nails any more:

1. Short nails

If you can not stop gnawing your nails, cut them. Leave them in the ideal size so you do not feel like putting them in your mouth.

2. Make Nails Always

If your nails are always well-groomed and pretty, you will not want to ruin your nail polish.

3. Pass the Neem Oil

It contains a bitter taste and that is enough so that you do not put the nails in the mouth. In addition, it is antiseptic, keeping your nails free of infection. Use cotton to pass the oil on your nails and let it dry.

4. Garlic

10 Useful Tips will Help You to Stop Gnawing Your NailsDo not you like the taste of garlic? Then that is the perfect ingredient for you not to chew any more nails. In addition to natural antiseptic, it also strengthens your nails and you can use both oil and raw garlic by rubbing it on your nails.

5. Adhesive bands

In the case of the nails, the self-adhesive figures on your nails, that will certainly make you stop with that habit. Do not forget to change them whenever they are dirty.

6. Keep your mouth “busy”

If you do not want to eat always, to keep your mouth busy, chew a chewing gum or candy. It is worth to opt for a pen from time to time. Your mouth will not be free to gnaw your nails.

7. Lemon juice

Some people pass lemon juice on the nails, squeezing the fruit directly on the tips of the fingers.10 Useful Tips will Help You to Stop Gnawing Your Nails

8. Sliced onion

Are you going to stay at home? Then try slicing onions on your nails.


9. Wear gloves

Enjoy the cooler months and wear gloves. This will help you a lot.

10. Treat the evil from the root

If you bite your nails by being anxious, stressed, worried or others, treat your problems. How about including a hobby in your daily activities? Another suggestion is to do physical activities to keep yourself occupied and free from those negative feelings.

Recipe Not To Steal More Nails :

10 Useful Tips will Help You to Stop Gnawing Your NailsDo you want to get rid of the nail-biting habit? In this case,

You will need:

  • Pepper
  • Fortifying base or colorless enamel
  • Preparation method:

Just add a pinch of pepper to the fortifying base or the colorless enamel. Mix well and carry your manicure. Of course, you will never want to put your nails in your mouth anymore.

Now you know how to stop biting your nails, right? So take note of these tips and never take your nails to your mouth again.

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